Looking for directions to an oil well location in your state? We have ’em! One oil well map for all of the states that we provide. Desktop platform works well for dispatchers and managers, while using the map on your smartphone works great for salesmen, roustabouts, and drivers.

Search by:

  • Operator
  • Well Name
  • Wells by County
  • Township, Range, Section, Quarter



  • Save locations
  • Add multiple layers of additional data
  • Real-time tracking of your device to see where you are (we do not have access to your location)


Check out the demo for South Dakota below.

Once subscribed, all the other state’s maps will be available from the side panel of the map. One subscription for all states, works on all phones, all desktops.

We currently have the following state maps available:

  • California Oil Wells
  • Montana Oil Wells
  • North Dakota Oil Wells
  • South Dakota Oil Wells
  • Wyoming Oil Wells